Do-It-Yourself Henna / Mehndi Body Art Kit Instructions From Start to Finish

Congratulation on your henna purchase and really excited to try my henna recipe then please read the instructions first to follow my video.


Henna stain progress best henna cones online

  • 25 g , 50 g Henna kit  already contains sugar in henna so please don’t add any more while mixing your henna paste.
  • 100 g Henna kit doesn’t have sugar added so please add which you have got along with the henna kit.
  • Please use all the essential oil which you have got in henna kit while mixing the henna paste since it plays really major role in stain process.
  • make sure you are adding strained lemon juice to the mix otherwise you will lot of clogs to the henna cone.
  • your henna paste should be ready to use after 24 hours of paste mix …in this video it is my preference to leave 12 more hours for my use.
  • the henna stain pics  shown in video achieved by leaving the henna paste on skin for 11 hours (overnight ) also had  applied pure lemon juice 2 times on the designs once my henna paste is completely dry enough.
  • you can use any warm oil on skin after the paste removal please don’t spend money on the henna after care balms which is completely a time and money waste.
  • Please be spare with my video I had small disconnection while adding Henna oil to the mix…after you add henna oil please mix the paste for couple of times wrap it leave it for 24 hours in oven or outside for the dye release process….
  • Don’t fill henna cone to the neck leave at least 3 inches from above
  • Cut small bit at the end of cone and see how the henna is flowing  if not make it a little bit bigger hole
  • There is a link below video has provided if you are interested to know how to store your henna cones and reuse them once frozen and after care henna tips.
  • Enjoy your henna……..



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Here is helpful video how can store henna cones

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