Dry Hair ? Easy Dry Hair Care Tip

Dry Hair, Recently observed my Hair getting very dry often.

Started thinking about what went wrong even I follow same routine realized that forgot to Hydrate my hair completely because of busy schedules. Most of women like me have a dry hair problem.Let me ask you a question when is the last time you Hydrated your hair completely? Thinking right …. If you are person wash your hair very often please follow this simple step to retain your natural hair oils.

Dry Hair is a big problem but taking little care before you wash your hair should give a better result for dry hair problem.

If you noticing a dryness in your hair definitely you should consider keep hair hydrated at possible times with heavy hair oils preferably good branded organic castor oil, below is the one I buy for myself….

Things to consider Always

  • Keep hair Hydrated at least 2 to 3 hours before you plan to wash
  • I did a mistake keeping my hair always dry and taking head wash with very powerful shampoos¬† take out all little oils from the hair.
  • Keep any good moisturized oil like Coconut , Almond ,Neem oils at home.
  • Warm oil before you plan to apply on hair.
  • Apply very liberally with your finger tips and massage at least for 1 minutes.Hair should be fully hydrated enough you should feel the oil almost on your skin roots.
  • Leave at least an hour to 3 hours before you take bath.use any mild shampoo to wash you r hair.
  • don’t rub the hair much while washing anyhow these fancy shampoos does the magic with very little effort.
  • if you still feel your hair is dry please apply very little of hair leave in moisture when the hair is wet.I use Shea Butter product for my use so far I have no worries and it does the magic.

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