Beetroot Benefits | Beetroot Benefits For Skin And Hair Care

Wondering How Beetroot Benefits For Skin And Hair Care

Beetroot is one of the vegetable which has many benefits for your health care And Beauty care. As Beetroot is good source for Iron , Magnesium and FolicAcid many people prefer to use beetroot in many forms. My one of the favorite vegetable is Beetroot since can be used for cooking , hair care and skin care.In this post I want to share some of the ideas I do with my favorite Beetroot as part of health and beauty care.




  • Beetroot As A Healthy Supplement
  • Beetroot As My Henna Hair Care
  • Beetroot As My Facepack paste
  • Beetroot For My nails care

How Beetroot can be used for Health Supplement

Beetroot benefits for health hair skin care
Wondering How Beetroot Usage Benefits Skin And Hair Care

Simple way to consume your beetroot is making a juice out of it.Believe it or not It tastes so good.Grind the cubes of washed Beetroot along with half fresh lemon juice.Drain the juice mix add pinch of salt or 1 tbsp of Honey.try it yourself check the taste.I love it…………………………

 How Beetroot can be used for Hair Care


Friends who want hair to be natural shiny beet root shade hair tones.When you do Your Henna For Hair try adding grind ed strained mix of Beetroot paste to the mix and apply to the hair.Believe me the hair color turns awesome it is more natural look than fancy dyes ur use.Please refer How To Mix Henna For Hair Conditioning | Henna for Healthy Hair

How Beetroot Used As A Face Pack Treatment



Try Mixing oats powder , besan flour in milk , by adding 2 tbsp of beetroot juice along with 1/2 tbsp of lemon juice. Apply as a face pack leave it for 15 minutes . Try rubbing face with fingers with use milk so that the tan or dead cells will be removed from skin skin looks fresh. Looking for some more useful face pack tips check below

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Home Made Facial Treatment For Great Looking Skin Using Oats

How Beetroot used For Nail  Growth Treatment


beautiful nails with use beetroot juice

friends who has very delicate nails keep doing this procedure for couple of times in a week. Add 1 tbsp of juice to 2 drops of Almond oil , add few drops of Glycerin to the mix let nails soak them for 5 to 7 minutes.

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