Rose Powder Benefits | Rose Petals Powder Uses

What is Rose Powder And Rose Petals Powder Uses

What is Rose Powder ? It is made with the finest roses, rose petal powder contains a  myriad of naturally occurring components that make it an excellent benefits to any skin care regimen. Rose Petal Powder usually combined with other herbal ingredients or used with clay to create a range of beneficial treatments for toned and glowing skin. Rose powder is suitable for all skin types, especially sensitive and mature skin.

How Rose Petals Powder Looks Like ?

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Hennacurve Rose Petals Powder

Rose Powder Benefits

  • Neem powder and rose powder will address oily skin issues without stripping the skin.
  • Add rose petal powder to your bath for skin that feels refreshed and glows.
  • It moisturizes your skin, and is good for sensitive skin
  • It is a natural skin toner
  • It rejuvenates after  a stressful day
  • It cleanses skin
  • it is natural blessing derived from plant no side effects on any skin types even skin with Acne issues can be applied on skin types.
  • few drops of rose water on cotton balls will rest your strained eyes.

How To Use Rose Petals Powder As Face Masks

  • Instant Face Pack :
    • Combine Fresh Yogurt , Honey ,Rose Powder
    • Apply all over your face and neck leave for 20-30 min then wash with Luke warm water.
  • Rejuvenates / tones skin  Pack :
    • Using rose petal powder and pure Amla powder together creates a masks that both rejuvenates and tones skin.
  • Deep cleaning refresh Pack :
    • Using pure multani and rose powder together creates a mask that will clean deep and refresh the skin.

Where to buy Fresh Natural Rose Petals Powder

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